Welcome to Voitec Industrieservices – The specialist for complex assembly in Europe and beyond: 

Voitec Industrieservices's services are focused on plant installation, tank construction, pipe montage, and power plant service. Our main focus is project planning, full service, maintenance, and documentation.

We are a medium-sized company for pipeline, plant and tank construction. We have been working for reputable industrial companies, in parts with service contracts, as well as with personnel leasing.

Thanks to our elaborated staff coordination, we are a reliable partner for all tasks of high quality, as pipeline construction in power plants and industrial plants, in Germany and beyond, over the borders of Europe down to South Africa.

Our services on behalf of new power plant construction, pipeline construction, industrial plant construction, as well as power plant service, provides a professional high-quality full service.

Our Staff 

Our team at Voitec Industrieservices consists of Engineers, Technicians, Construction Managers, Welders, Pipe Fitters, and Installers. They are characterized by their high mobility and resilience. Due to long-term commitments in different industrial sectors in Europe and beyond the have gained extensive knowledge and experience of the industry.

Our professional welder staff is proficient in the following welding procedures: WIG, WIG/E-combined, MAG, E-, mirrored and orbital welding. With our QM- and QS-division we can guarantee a high standard of welding work. All workers are holders of the orange SCC-pass and work strictly following the specifications. Our professional staff has all necessary qualifications, trainings, and certificates.

Installation montage

Individual installation montage customized for your requirements

Pipe pre-construction

Long-term experienced in pipe pre-construction for worldwide projects

Equipment montage

Montage and service for installations of all types

Pipe montage

Montage, maintenance and reparations in pipeline construction

Power plant service

Versatile montage and service staff for power plant service


We provide highly qualified and certified professionals for your maintenance.